A Message from Stuart Pratt on behalf of the Directors

These are extraordinary times when many families and business grapple with the speed and scale of the impact of the coronavirus. 

Some members of our communities – such as staff in the NHS, the education system and vital sector key workers – are leading the national effort to combat the disease and we are overwhelmingly grateful to all of them. While the entire country owes them a huge debt of gratitude, they also face an even bigger challenge of how to look after their families right now.

This is why even small gestures of support can make a huge difference to them and why we at Godwin Developments have agreed to extend the rent-free period on our newest tenant – Blossom Tree Day Nursery in Pineham – until October 2020 to help them through this difficult time. 

We commend the many businesses who have and are looking to do all they can to support their suppliers, staff and clients. A real collective effort is required to beat this and an opportunity to be kind to each other has presented itself like never before. 

So, give help if you can, and ask if you need it.

We are in this together.