Accelerated growth leads to expanded office space for investment specialists Godwin Capital

Godwin Capital, the fundraising and investment arm of Godwin Group, is delighted to have moved its growing Birmingham team to a new office space.

The company has continued to expand its team during the Covid pandemic and will occupy one floor of 1 Newhall Street in central Birmingham.

Godwin Capital’s new spacious Birmingham location will better facilitate the organisation’s ability to invest in property development opportunities throughout the UK.

Rupy Dhami, Managing Director, Investments – Godwin Capital, said: “Our relocation to the Newhall Street offices is a reflection of the expansive moves being made by the team at Godwin Capital, and indeed by Godwin Group as a whole.

It’s a testament to the perseverance and hard work of the Birmingham team, who can now take pride in occupying a floor in this excellent environment, and we are looking forward to the exciting strides that the team will undoubtedly make from the new office space. We have always recognised the value of the people that make up our company and we feel it’s essential to provide the highest calibre working environment that we can in order to support their endeavours.”

Godwin Group is committed to ensuring that its projects breathe fresh life into local communities, providing much-needed homes and useful retail amenities at a high standard to the people who need them.

As such, the Godwin Group always strives to enhance the towns and cities in which its developments are located.