Brampton Hut, Huntingdon

A 6-unit roadside retail development

Quick Facts

Site Secured

Q4 2017

Site secured

The site of just under 2 acres was secured with an existing consent for a small fast food retail development. A new application was submitted successfully increasing the development size by over 50%. Leases to Burger King, Starbucks, Subway and Greggs were agreed off-plan.


Q4 2018

Completion of Roadside Retail

We are pleased to have completed the build of 6 roadside retail units at Brampton Hut. The site employs approximately 200 people and serves the A1 and A14 interchange where the daily vehicle traffic exceeds 80,000.

Wendy's opens first UK drive-thru

Q1 2023

Wendy's opens first UK drive-thru

Wendy's via franchisee Blank Table Ltd open their first UK drive thru and first UK services location at Brampton Hut Services in January 2023.