Godwin Capital introduce a new Shariah compliant investment opportunity to the European market

Godwin Capital are excited to introduce a new Shariah compliant investment opportunity to the European market. 

The Godwin Capital Wakala investment instrument, structured by the leading international Islamic finance advisory firm IFAAS, is certified as Shariah compliant with a bespoke Fatwa issued by the renowned Shariah Scholar in the Islamic finance industry, Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari.

Godwin Capital aim to raise £20 Million through the Wakala investment instrument, which will be used to fund property developments in key locations across the UK including Birmingham, Derby, and Nottingham.

The Godwin Capital Wakala investment instrument is the first Shariah compliant investment product that Godwin Capital have launched, offering investors competitive expected profit rates.

Andrew Mitchell, Group Investment Director commented: “We are delighted to introduce the first Shariah compliant investment product to the market, which, we believe, provides an excellent opportunity for many investors to support the development of key sites across the UK. Our focus over the coming months will be to establish a strong investor introducer network to enable distribution throughout Europe and wider afield”.  

Commenting on the aforementioned initiative, Najib Al Aswad, Director at IFAAS, said: “We are glad that Godwin Capital shares our commitment to pioneering innovative and impact-driven Islamic investment solutions. The fact of the Wakala investment instrumentbeing the first-of-its-kind is particularly significant, as the UK leads the soaring demand for Islamic finance in Europe. We look forward to seeing how the market re-acts to such an exciting offering aimed at providing a unique asset class to the Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. We wish all the best to Godwin Capital”. 

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