Godwin Capital recruits debt funding expert

Godwin Capital are pleased to report that we have recruited Senior Debt Funding Consultant, Stan Lersch.

Stan has over 20 years’ lending experience in the property market, having previously worked for a number of lenders including Barclays Bank, Bank of Ireland and Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank.

More recently, his career includes working for Consensus Business Group, a family office, for four years, where he arranged and restructured long term debt packages, and at Alpha Real Capital for five years, arranging debt for its commercial property funds management business.

Stan also holds a BSc in Economics from Warwick University and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

Andrew Mitchell, Godwin’s Group Investment Director, said: “Stan has been directly involved in developments in the hotel, student accommodation, commercial and residential sectors including build to rent, and is therefore a natural fit for the team.

“As Godwin Group continues to grow its interests in these sectors, his experience and knowledge of the market will prove invaluable.”

Stan Lersch said: “I was attracted by the clear strategy for growth the Godwin Group has, and in particular its innovative approach to capital raising and debt funding.”