Godwin Board Director Contributes to BBC Radio 4 Drive-Thru Development Feature

Stuart Pratt on BBC Radio 4

Stuart Pratt, Board Director at national property developer Godwin Developments has featured on BBC Radio 4’s flagship consumer affairs programme, You & Yours, discussing the rising demand for drive-thru developments. The programme, which airs daily, looked at the continued growth of drive-thru offerings in the UK in the wake of the pandemic and how this affects property development. 

Speaking to reporter Bob Walker at Godwin’s Birmingham headquarters, Stuart noted the huge consumer demand in the drive-thru market: “In the year to the end of August, British consumers spent just under £3 billion at drive-thrus.” 

Brands with big plans 

Picking up on the trend for convenience offerings, well-known companies have announced major expansion plans with drive-thrus seen as a key focus area. The likes of Burger King, Starbucks and Costa are still expanding and have major ambitions for growth across the country. Newer US entrants like Taco Bell, Popeyes and Wendy’s have also all committed millions to rolling out drive-thru formats nationwide. 

Stuart added: “The UK market is a really good location for US brands to expand into.” 

Future of the sector 

As an established property development business with a track record in delivering drive-thru projects, the team at Godwin Developments are well placed to identify emerging trends in this asset class.  

Stuart highlighted the growth of electric cars and associated electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure as a feature of new schemes. With new generation chargers able to deliver up to 80% capacity in just 10 minutes, the two go hand-in-hand with food and beverage offerings. 

He added: “The electric charging stations that are provided alongside these increase dwell times and [this in turn] delivers a real increase in demand for roadside sites.”  

Another growing feature is the use of locations for delivery services by companies like Deliveroo and JustEat.  

As noted by contributor Thomas Rose, Co-Founder of retail and leisure real estate consultancy P-THREE, demands for new drive-thru locations from companies total around 400,000 sq. ft. every year.  

Godwin Developments has experience through the entire development lifecycle –  from acquisition, obtaining planning permission, construction and project management. The company recently secured detailed planning permission for a new drive-thru development with ultra-rapid EV charging provision from The EV Network in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Godwin’s experienced commercial division also recently developed a Costa Coffee and Greggs which includes a drive-thru offering with EV charging which is now fully operational in Stoke-on-Trent. The company is well-resourced and can assist landowners in increasing the value of their land while also growing market share and reach for brands. 

If you’d like to discuss how Godwin can help your business or if you think you have a suitable piece of land for development then please get in touch with our commercial team via [email protected].