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An Outstanding Team with Experience and Vision

We are a UK focused regional property development and investment company with an outstanding track record of project delivery.

Our strategic focus for a better future

Every project we deliver is to the highest standards, providing quality homes, commercial spaces and facilities for local communities, breathing life into towns and cities across the UK.

What makes us different? We focus on property development where there is a proven need to enhance the local community and which fuels the quality investment opportunities available to our Godwin Capital clients. We are dedicated to increasing our investment in key regional cities, across the UK, to drive growth in high yield areas.

  • We have the expertise

    We operate with a small core leadership team that have the capability to execute projects successfully. Alongside the main Godwin delivery team, we have an experienced Advisory Board made up of outstanding industry professionals with considerable experience of building successful businesses within the property and investment industries.

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  • We hold strong values

    At Godwin Group our approach is clear, we take pride in helping our customers through integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance and rigour. Our core values are the key reason why leading brands within the industry choose to work with us.

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  • How we work

    We acquire and invest in a balanced portfolio of low and high yielding investments with a mix of short, medium and long-term maturity to optimise the value and timing of returns and cash flows from the investment programme, whilst maintaining an appropriate balance between risk and return.

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Godwin Group

Our project portfolio is spread across residential and commercial property sectors, multiple geographies in the UK and private and public sector customers, which diversifies risk for the business, its investors and stakeholders.

The business has strict investment criteria including a target return for each project type against which each opportunity is assessed when determining which ones to pursue and invest in. Our management team consists of 50% property professionals and 50% investment professionals with many years experience. Both teams have very strong execution capability, further supported by Advisory Boards which comprise of individuals with sector specific track records.


We have grown significantly in the last three years and now operate from 3 key strategic locations including Birmingham, London and Nottingham covering multiple geographic areas UK wide.

Board of Directors
"The strength of the Godwin Group is our people. They bring with them a passion for what they do, integrity for how they work, experience in their respective sectors and a strong entrepreneurial flair to drive the Group forward."

"I invested with Godwin Capital two years ago and was so impressed when my investment matured that I re-invested"

"Great company. Great values. An amazing growth story"