Why the Levelling Up Fund is a win-win for communities as well as investors

Construction in the city

Following on from last week’s spending review statement, Stuart Pratt, Group Development Director at Godwin Developments, praised the launch of the new Levelling-Up Fund by saying:

“The creation of the new £4 billion Levelling-Up initiative to support regeneration in communities across the UK is welcome news indeed. It is a clear statement that the Government and the Treasury are committed to investing in infrastructure as the foundation for recovery and future economic growth. It will not only create jobs and incomes in the construction sector in the short term, but also boost longer term business and consumer confidence in regional towns and cities.

The announcement is very encouraging for developers such as ourselves – it will support us significantly in bringing in additional regeneration to many local communities, stimulating private investors to commit new funding to regional cities, creating improved living and employment opportunities, and raising standards for public spaces and sustainability.

We are also pleased see the launch of the National Infrastructure Strategy which will further benefit local communities through the introduction of faster broadband, new roads, cycle lanes, upgraded railways and hundreds of zero emissions buses.

We are certain that both announcements will be well received by local authorities, community groups and local residents as well as investors who will appreciate the positive impact on property in these areas. We look forward to working closely all of these groups to ensure any property development opportunities deliver the combined benefit of government and public sector funding for all stakeholders.”